Welcome to BNI CBD SHINE

BNI CBD SHINE attracts an exceptional group of like-minded business networkers who meet to create and share business opportunities with each other.

Chartered on 1 August 2015, our name reflects our member’s core values:

Share ideas and opportunities with other members
Help fellow members to achieve their goals
Inspire by generosity of spirit and understanding
Nurture by giving of time and abilities
Empower by encouraging and thanking

As members of BNI International, our members receive the best on-going training. We work together in a positive, supportive and structured environment to enhance member to member relationships and to strengthen each member’s business. As a result, each member provides their clients with a superior service.

In 2018, BNI CBS SHINE won the esteemed title of ‘Showcase Chapter of the Year’.

In 2019, we smashed our goal of $5 million worth of business referred to each other.

Does this sound like a networking group that your business could be a part of?

What we do

BNI CBD SHINE members are among the best of the best in their field.

Each of our members invests time to know their fellow member’s businesses. This knowledge creates a mutual trust and each member can then confidently recommend their fellow member’s products and services to their own customers, clients, colleagues and families.



Our members meet each Thursday for breakfast to acknowledge group successes and refer quality business to each other.

Visitors are welcome to join our members for breakfast and network. We often refer opportunities to our visitors as a result of new connections that are created at our breakfast meetings.
Visitors are welcome to apply to join our group to share in on-going business opportunities.



Our members’ businesses increasingly thrive because our customers receive outstanding service. Each member benefits both commercially and personally – learning more and more about what works better in their business partnerships, whilst enjoying the camaraderie of fellow members. The trust between members continues to grow and strengthen following every successfully delivered business transaction.


Our core service offerings from our members.

Professional Services

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Advisory
  • Commercial Law
  • Commercial Finance
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Financial Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Management Consulting
  • Patent, Trade Mark and Design Attorney
  • Recruitment
  • Restructuring / Insolvency Services


  • Business Software Solutions


  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • SEO & Adwords
  • Videography
  • Web Development

Health & Wellness

  • Health and Fitness Coaching

Real Estate

  • Buyers Agent
  • Property Lawyer
  • Mortgage Broker – Residential
  • Property Investment Advisor
  • Residential Real Estate

Building & Constructions/Trades

  • Interior design
  • Commercial/Office fit outs
  • Commercial Electrician
  • Domestic Builder

Our Weekly Online Events

CBD SHINE Online Networking Events

Join us for our FREE online networking sessions on Thursday mornings as BNI CBD Shine meet to build trusted business referral relationships, share business connections and create opportunities to work with each other.

The meetings are held at via Zoom online (due to the Coronavirus pandemic) starting at 6:45am, so you can meet up and network with the members of BNI CBD Shine and their guests.

Each member of BNI CBD Shine will educate members and guests about their business and specify their ideal referral opportunities. Visitors will also have the opportunity to introduce themselves, their business and industry.

You will also be treated to a detailed business presentation from one of our members, an education session from our education coordinator, and you will also hear details of the business our members have conducted with other members that week, including referrals of business to other members and visitors.

The meeting ends at 8.30am with plenty of open networking time.

The members look forward to making you feel welcome and learning about your business next Thursday.

Upcoming Events


4 March 2021

Speakers: Craig Reeve – Reeve Law
Topic: Conveyancing 101: Legal Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls
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11 March 2021

Speakers: Cameron Porter – Porters House
Topic: Upgrading Your Family Home Post COVID
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18 March 2021

Speakers: Lara Gomez – Beresfords Wealth Management
Topic: The Good the Bad & the Ugly of Investing
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